My Land Tax

In September 2019, as part of our larger and ongoing digital transformation work to digitise and streamline a range of processes, we launched the first iteration of My Land Tax .

My Land Tax lets customers confidently, quickly and easily manage their property affairs online, including updating personal details, viewing and paying assessments and amending their land ownership and property use.

It provides a transparent overview of property holdings, improves data, and allows us to communicate with our customers at the right time.

My Land Tax was co-designed with representative customers to ensure it serves them in the way they are expecting, increasing convenience and reducing complexity.

Importantly, the smart design of My Land Tax allowed us to quickly enhance it, ensuring customers could quickly and easily apply for the Victorian Government land tax relief announced in April in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

To 30 June 2020, there were 42,876 registrations incorporating 81,170 customer profiles.

In its first 10 months of operation, My Land Tax has brought the following benefits:

  • 46% of land tax related applications were lodged online, including applications for coronavirus relief.
  • 23% of basic My Land Tax amendment requests are automated, including change of customer details and applications for principal place of residence exemptions.
  • Reducing the time for customers to submit a basic amendment request from 30 minutes to less than four minutes.
  • Enabling 8515 customers to make 13,638 applications for coronavirus land tax relief online.