About Us

The State Revenue Office administers Victoria’s taxation legislation and collects revenue to fund schools, hospitals, police, roads, public transport and other government services and priorities.

We also administer a range of grants, exemptions and concessions, including those assisting people to buy their own homes, such as the First Home Owner Grant and land transfer (stamp) duty reductions.

In 2019-20, our focus for much of the year was supporting Victorians impacted by both the summer bushfires and then the coronavirus pandemic. We administered a range of tax and fee relief measures, including those related to land tax, payroll tax, motor vehicle duty, stamp duty, and liquor licences.

Operating as a semi-autonomous agency, we work under a framework agreement between the Victorian Treasurer, the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Commissioner of State Revenue.

Underpinning our activities is strong governance including internal audits, external audits from the Victorian Auditor-General, and ISO quality audits, all of which assist in maintaining our ISO 9001 quality management system.

Full financial reports and other annual reporting requirements appear in the Department of Treasury and Finance Annual Report 2019-20, with this annual review providing complementary information to that report.