Coronavirus Support

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted Victoria from both a health and economic perspective.

These impacts have been felt by a large portion of our customer base and providing them with support has been a priority. We have done this by:

  • Providing additional time for dealing with tax affairs.
  • Providing deferrals for upcoming lodgement dates.
  • Offering payment deferrals.
  • Supporting flexible payment plans.
  • Providing remissions to interest charges.

Our approach is to provide tailored support, working with customers and ensuring assistance when needed.

Tax and fee relief measures

From March 2020, we administered a range of tax and fee relief measures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, amounting to $731 million in relief, including:

  • $672 million in payroll tax relief,
  • $37 million in land tax relief, and
  • $22 million in liquor licence fee relief.

In Victoria, we also began significant preparations to administer the Australian Government’s HomeBuilder Grant, which was announced on 4 June 2020 and will operate under a National Partnership Agreement.